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Search & Explore Guitar Straps By Color

Search By Color

To help make it easier to search and explore guitar straps I’ve tried to organize them by their most dominant and accent colors. Click on the color swatches below to view each category.

If a strap’s design contains multiple colors it may be included in multiple color categories. With multi-color designs that don’t have a strong predominant color, it sometimes results in what might appear to be the wrong category. But I think it’s better to err on the side of showing to many instead of having you miss something.

Straps available in multiple colors may only show an image in one color and you may need to click through to Amazon to see images of the other color options.

Neutral Color Guitar Straps

The straightforward colors of black, white, silver, gray, and brown are safe choices that will go with almost any guitar. Whatever your fashion choice, or lack of fashion in my case, these colors can unify an assorted color palette. These also work well alone as a solid color or as part of a design.

Neutral colors can sometimes be considered cool or warm but are more subtle than blues and reds.

There’s almost nothing as classic looking as a black leather guitar strap. If you want something in black your design choices aren’t limited to just leather. Usually considered the color of mourning and rebellion it’s understandable why black guitar straps are an important part of rock and heavy metal fashion.

Gray doesn’t have to be dull and boring. just look at these gray guitar straps.

Metalic stylings of silver add bling to straps. Often used as an accent. These silver guitar straps are stylish and may make it look like you have money.

White is one of the cooler neutral coolers. Often representing peace, purity, and innocence. These clean and neutral white guitar straps go well with almost anything. Be a good cowboy and check them out.

Brown is a natural color of the earth. Wholesome and often linked to nature. These dependable brown guitar straps won’t let you down.

Cool Color Guitar Straps

I don’t mean the latest hip trending colors. Blues, greens, and even white are considered cool colors. Sometimes they can be cold and impersonal but these colors also can be comforting and nurturing. Nothing is more calming than the blue water and blue sky surrounded by green grass.

Blue is undoubtedly one of the most popular colors by men, women, and businesses. Although sometimes associated with depression and sadness. Sing the blues away with these blue guitar straps.

Green the color of life, mother nature, greed, and money. No need to recycle these green guitar straps.

Purple has attributes from both warm and cool colors. It can calm and excite. Often associated with wealth and royalty these purple guitar straps are fit for any prince, king, queen, or princess.

Warm Color Guitar Straps

Warm colors wake us up and get us going. The warmth of red, yellow, or orange can represent excitement or even anger. Softer tones can also represent a change of seasons.

Red is the hottest of the warm colors. Can represent a wide range of concepts from cupid to the devil. These red guitar straps will stand out and get you noticed.

Pink is usually a feminine color. Although with glam and glitter rock those lines can get blurred.

Search pink guitar straps.

Burgundy is a dark reddish-brown color. Often symbolizing wealth and ambition. Or just a good glass of wine.

Explore burgundy guitar straps.

Yellow is an energetic warm color. Can playfully represent sunshine but can also mean cowardice or a warning.

Find a yellow guitar strap.

These straps may not be made out of real gold, but they may glitter.

Search gold guitar straps.

Orange is a warm vibrant color. It denotes energy, warmth, and the sun.

Explore orange guitar straps.

Tan is a light brown color. A common option for leather guitar straps. Not surprising since the name originates from the tanning process used to treat leather.

Search tan guitar straps.