Hi, I’m Alan. I write and maintain Hexachord.net. I started Hexachord.net to share what I’ve learned about guitar and making music on a PC.

I’ve been playing electric guitar for almost four decades. Starting at the lucky age of 13, I grew up on a healthy diet of ’80s rock, prog rock, and metal. I attended Berklee College of Music in the ’90s graduating with a degree in Professional Music. Unfortunately, after college, my musical ambitions took a back seat to pay rent and put food on the table. However, I always loved playing guitar, creating music, and learning about new gear and technology.

During the early bleeding edge years of digital audio software on Windows PC, I worked at Twelve Tone Systems, the developers of Cakewalk MIDI software. I helped customers learn how to use the software and troubleshoot their systems while working in Tech Support and Quality Assurance.

A lot has changed in the music industry since I started. As I get back to my roots as a guitarist, songwriter, composer, and music technology enthusiast, I’ll share what I’ve learned and new discoveries.

If you have any questions or comments, you can email at: hexachord @ gmail.com.