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How to Find a Guitar Strap

Guitar Strap Search

Here are some tips to help you find the guitar or bass strap of your dreams from the curated lists of guitar straps here at Hexachord.net. This material was previously available at our sister site Only Guitar Straps and now lives here.


If you already have an idea about the type of strap you’re looking for then using the website search is the quickest way to find what you’re after.

From researching product info across the web and researching product reviews I’ve written enhanced product descriptions. When available these descriptions include what it looks like, what it’s made from, how to use it, and what type of musicians and musical style it’s best suited for. All of these details can be found by typing in the site search box.

On desktop browsers, the search box is available from the menu of all pages.

Guitar Strap Search

On mobile and tablet devices you may need to scroll down to after a page’s main content to access the search box.

Curated Lists

If you’re looking for a particular style the curated lists are a good place to start. Some of the top curated lists include:

Browse the entire list of curated guitar strap lists


If you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for, browsing the top-level categories may help you find something inspired.
There can be a lot of overlap between categories, like most musicians most straps can’t be pigeon-holed into just one category.


Sometimes the most important thing you’re looking for is color. Learn more about color and how to search for a guitar strap by color.