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Classic Rock Lennon Metal Python Guitar Strap

Classic Rock John Lennon Metal Python Guitar Strap

This classic rock style John Lennon metal python Vox guitar strap has a unique timeless look. It is a reissue of the famous Vox Python Strap worn by John Lennon during the height of the Beatles glory in the ’60s.

Getting noticed on stage with this strap is easy with the dramatic cascading metal python snakeskin pattern. The metal snake scales reflect the stage lights in all directions so your fans will see stars. Adjusting the metal buckle makes it the right length for any guitar. Studs on the black leather end add the final accent. All the metal on the strap makes this a heavier strap but it is still comfortable.

This is a must own for Beatles fans looking for the Lennon vibe, especially if they also own a Rickenbacker 325. Great quality for a one-of-a-kind look.