Modern Method For Guitar Volume 1"

Modern Method for Guitar (Volume 1)

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Modern Method for Guitar (Volume 1)

By William G. Leavitt

The beginning-level book of this comprehensive method teaches a wide range of guitar and music fundamentals, including: scales, melodic studies, chord and arpeggio studies, how to read music, accompaniment techniques, special exercises for developing technique in both hands, a unique approach to voice leading using moveable chord forms, and more.
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Synapse Audio Dune: New Virtual Synth Released

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DUNE is Synapse Audio’s flagship synthesizer, a massively deep, versatile, high-quality instrument developed for the needs of professional music producers.

The differential unison engine (DUNE) takes the concept of subtractive synthesis to the next level, by allowing full control of each unison voice. This greatly extends the range of possible sounds, reaching deep into FM and Wavetable synthesis.
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This CAL program will create a Timpani roll based on the user defined criteria.

  • Requires Cakewalk Professional for Windows 2.0 or later
  • Compatible with Cakewalk Pro Audio 8

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